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Come visit us! 

Carol's Cozy Cottages
7971 Lakeshore Dr.
Silver Bay, NY 12874
Phone: 1-814-440-0679


Driving Directions

Directions when heading NORTH on Rt. 9N:


  • From I-87, take Exit Number 24 toward Bolton Landing.

  • Turn right, drive approximately 4.5 miles (until you come to a "T" in the road and have to turn).

  • Turn left onto Route 9N / Lakeshore Drive.

  • Follow Route 9N along the lake for approximately 11 miles*.

  • When you see the scenic lookout on the right, you'll know you're almost there!

  • About 1/2 mile past the lookout, you'll see Snug Harbor South and The Lakeside Deli and Grocery on the right.

  • Directly across from them is the entrance to Carol's Cozy Cottages - just turn left into our driveway. (You won't see a "sign" for Carol's Cozy Cottages but the driveway on your left is ours!) 

  • Once there, get ready to spend a fun-filled vacation at Carol's Cozy Cottages on tranquil and beautiful northern Lake George!


*Here's the really helpful part:


  • While driving on Route 9N, you'll go over a mountain and come upon a sign that says "you are now entering the town of Hague".

  • DISREGARD IT!  You haven't gone too far, just keep going!

  • Watch for the scenic lookout on your right.

  • When you see it, you're just seconds away from Carol's Cozy Cottages.


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